Online dance videos for early years

Thank you for your inquiry regarding my online dance package for early years, here are the logistics of how it would work and the cost involved;


How it would work?

I would provide your children with six weekly 20 minute dance animated videos (the first video is free), which would be edited and ready for your students to view on a weekly rotation!

My videos are a combination of dance and storytelling with lots of colourful animation to keep the children engaged. My first series of videos are created around the Bear Hunt story which we would discover together.

In order to be able to play the original soundtracks your pre-school would have its own login details to access the page within my website, where you would be able to view your weekly videos at the touch of a button.

By accessing your videos through my site I would cover your online video music licence cost!


Why should I do this?

My work is inspired by Twinkl move and the PEDPASS Primary Dance unit scheme, so not only is it a fun daily activity for your children but an excellent way to source your dance CPD unit to help teachers continue to improve their professional skill development.

There may be free material online but I feel my work has a personal touch and that through dance children can continue to keep active as well as have fun.


How much is this going to cost me!

The cost to your pre-school would be £40 (5 payments of £8) for 5 weekly 20 minute videos ….. Your first video is free!

You may just want this for current circumstances or it may be something you continue into the future.

Payments can be made online using my website, please see below. Or if you would prefer an invoice please get in contact.

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