Online dance videos for schools

Thank you for your inquiry regarding my dance package online offer for your school, here are the logistics of how it would work and the cost involved;


How it would work?

I would provide your school with a weekly dance video, which would be edited and ready for your students to view!

In order to be able to play the original soundtracks I would set your school up with its own unique page on my website, where you would be able to access your video, your weekly dance task and a personalised message. In addition your page would include your school logo and contact details so the children can email you their weekly dance footage adding that personal touch!

By accessing your videos through my site I would cover your online video music licence cost!


Here is a trailer of what you can expect from your weekly dance video!


How do you access your school page?

Your school would receive a direct link to your school page within my website. I would provide your school with its own login and unique password that the children would need to access the site. You would be welcome to use my Step Up & Dance logo on your school website as a visual aid to link in with my site!


Why should I do this?

My work is inspired by Twinkl move and the PEDPASS Primary Dance unit scheme, so not only is it a fun weekly activity for your children but an excellent way to source your school dance CPD unit to help teachers continue to improve their professional skill development.

There may be free material online but I feel my work has a personal touch and that through dance children can continue to keep active as well as maintaining good contact with their school.


How much is this going to cost me!

The cost to your school would be £8 per week and for even better value there is the option to pay monthly (works out to £7 per week).

You may just want this for current circumstances or it may be something you continue into the future.

You would be able to cancel your subscription at any time by using your online account or by contacting me, putting you in control.

If you wish to subscribe please sign up below.


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