Educational Workshops

All of my educational dance workshops are designed to work alongside the school curriculum to help enhance and develop a deeper understanding of learning.

From looking at the skeleton and allowing the children to explore the human body through to discovering the beauty of the rainforest and the numerous animals which have chosen to make it their home.

My educational workshops are designed to build on classroom fundamental skills and continue the learning journey through movement of dance.

Rainforest Workshop

Students will love learning and developing their animal dance motifs as we step into the heart of the Rainforest. The children will learn the beauty and importance of the Rainforest whilst learning the importance of conservation and how it is never too late to make a...

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Body Workshop

This is perfect for all key stage 1 students learning about the skeleton. It is certain to put a smile on all faces and get those bones tapping in time to the music as well as familiarising each different body part. The fun doesn’t stop there you will meet 3...

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My dance workshops

Musical Workshops

Step into the world of musicals where every number is a song and dance. From the golden glamorous days of Hollywood to the modern upbeat world of today these musicals have something for everyone and continue to wow audiences worldwide.

Whether you prefer to strut your stuff 1950’s America where Grease is the word or take a step on the wild side and explore the Lion king or maybe take a flight on a magic carpet.

This genre of dance is lively, energetic and a show stopper every time which will delight and amaze students of all ages and abilities.

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Storytelling & Literacy Workshops

What better way to tell a story than express it through dance, be a character and let your imagination run wild, make every gesture and moment count and bring your students closer to the action.

Children love to identify with characters and so through expression and dance break barriers and build confidence in a fun safe environment after all who doesn’t like a happy ever after.

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I am constantly developing new material for my workshops, shows and displays that I believe my students will enjoy and I will continue to get youngsters active and share my love for the performing arts.
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